One last time, I really need to say THANK YOU. You and everyone there did an amazing job. This was the right idea at the right time and well executed given all the variables of what was going on. I would appreciate if you could share that. National should take notes on how you did that.

All the best,

Jean-Paul Issock

Really need to say THANK YOU

My son and another scout from our troop just completed the Nature cluster in week 2 of Tricamp and I wanted to let you know that the program you put together was absolutely fantastic. I don’t think that anything can replace the experience of being at an actual camp but I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job than you did with this program. The scouts loved being in the virtual world and the merit badge counselors were great. They enjoyed it so much that we signed up for week 3 as well. I wish that more of our troop would have chosen to attend and experience it. Thank you very much for a fun and exciting week. We are looking forward to week 3.

Damon Fletcher

TRICΔMP was Fantastic

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