Class Expectations

Our Merit Badge Cluster classes will operate with a minimum of 5 Scouts and a maximum of 25 Scouts, with at least 2 Cluster Instructors to ensure a quality program. Classes will meet daily Monday-Friday between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. PDT via Zoom. Some classes may require additional class time between 4:30.p.m.-5:30.p.m. to work in patrols to finish the group project.

Scouts will arrive to the Zoom Classroom on time, daily. Anyone misbehaving, acting inappropriately, or creating a disturbance will be asked to leave the class. Zoom Hosts can remove a participant from the Zoom Classroom if needed. Homework assignments and projects will be submitted digitally via Google Classroom for the Merit Badge Instructors’ records. We ask that Scouts do not eat throughout the class and will be given bio-breaks throughout the session.

It is recommended for Scouts to work in a quiet place, away from distractions including siblings or other electronics. Scouts may be asked to wear headphones or mute their microphones, depending on the background noise and potential distractions. Scouts will be evaluated on their daily attendance as well as participation in addition to properly demonstrating understanding of the various requirements. Quizzes and homework assignments may be given to Scouts to ensure understanding as well.

Each lesson plan was created by professional volunteers in the related industry. Guest speakers will present various requirements throughout the week and can be available as networking opportunities for our Scouts interested in the career for their future. Each Merit Badge Cluster is comprised of 3-4 Merit Badges all taught in unison, so it is not obvious which requirement is covered when. This means that even if a Scout already has one of the Merit Badges, they likely have not seen it presented with the overall theme of the cluster and will not know when it is covered in the specific lesson. We anticipate that Scouts who already have one or two of the Merit Badges in a cluster will benefit greatly and will have greater opportunities to work on leadership skills within their Cluster Patrol.

Cluster Patrols

Each cluster will be broken into patrols and given breakout spaces to work on group projects or on specific requirements with a team. Breakout spaces will be available throughout the 9.a.m.-12.p.m. class time to offer a change of scenery and for Scouts to work as a smaller team.

Each day, each cluster will select a new Cluster Patrol Leader to represent their cluster in the Cluster Patrol Leader (CPL) Meeting from 1 p.m.-2 p.m. each day. This will be a rotating position, so each Scout can lead their team. CPLs will be asked to report on the progress of their Patrol and receive more information from their Cluster Instructors during the CPL Meetings.

Partials and Record-keeping

As you will see in the list below, some of our Merit Badges are not possible to earn start to finish in the week time frame alone. Scouts are asked to complete the various requirements prior to their week in camp. If they are unable to complete the prerequisites prior to camp or do not complete the in-camp requirements throughout the week, they will be offered a partial for their week.

Blue Cards/Sheets will be digitally emailed to unit leaders at the end of the week. Leaders are encouraged to attend our Wednesday’s Leaders Lunch and Saturday morning Merit Badge Reconciliation to ensure all their Scouts’ Merit Badges were recorded appropriately. For any mistakes caught after the week of programming, unit leaders are encouraged to reach out to our Camping Registrar at [email protected] to ensure the records are adjusted appropriately.

Please allow for a potential delay or mid-week changes to the schedule and course outline as we are all navigating this virtual world for the first time together and better practices may arise mid-way through the week. We appreciate your patience and are working to ensure all our youth are safe and the Scouting Values are used throughout the week.