Social Interactions

Throughout 2020, we have talked with hundreds of Scout Leaders who have shared the need to find activities for their youth to have real interactions again. Depending on your State and County during your week at TRICΔMP, we encourage you to get out, get active and keep the adventure of Scouting alive within your unit. If you are in a place that you can camp out in a park or backyard, we would love to see your photos! If shelter in place orders are still intact, we encourage you to build a tent in your backyard, patio or living room and post photos of your campsite.

Troop Activities

Troops are encouraged to sign up together and participate in various activities throughout the week. Competitions and challenges will be presented throughout the week and units will have to submit their photos and videos to Google Classroom to complete. The top three videos/photos from each activity will be posted to the virtual world for everyone to see.

Songs and skits for the campfire must be submitted by the Friday prior to your week at camp. Please have a submission in by 5 pm PDT. Troops that create their own Scout’s Own and mealtime prayers may be highlighted throughout the week as well.

Troops are given a Zoom Classroom each evening where they can work on the various activities and competitions, check-in with their youth, and have a TRICΔMP representative collect constructive feedback in hopes to improve our program daily. If troops are able to be in person during the week based on their local laws and regulations, they are encouraged to camp together and update our TRICΔMP staff as they see fit.

Individual Scouts signed up without a troop can choose to join the provisional troop to participate in activities or keep their week only focused around the Merit Badge Courses. We will provide YPT certified adult leaders for the provisional troop to ensure safety for all our youth.

In order for families to participate in afternoon activities together, we have a Spanish Translation available for both our Hiking Guide and Craft Guide.

Themed Days

Scouts are encouraged to wear Pajamas on Monday, Tie-dye on Tuesday, something Wacky on Wednesday, an old camper tee on Thursday, and Hawaiian on Friday. Scouts are also encouraged to invite non-Scout friends to the virtual world on Friday during the presentation time so they can show off what they completed throughout the week. More on Friend Friday will be provided on the website.