We are proud to announce our Virtual World is supported by the Mozilla Hubs platform. Used for education and conferences, Mozilla Hubs is a great alternative to Facebook for getting resources and videos to our participants. Our virtual world is built up of nine common areas found in Scout Camps: Campfire Circle, Chapel, Aquarium, Parade Ground, Dining Hall, Waterfront, Nature Lodge, Trading Post, and Health Lodge.

Each of these areas was created with a fantasy feeling to try and capture the greatest qualities of all three camps. Scouts can create their own avatar and move around the virtual world at their leisure. They can click on videos and follow links to suggested activities. They can communicate with other Scouts via text or chat in a public setting. All Scouts are reminded to stay Scout appropriate and can be reported and removed by the adult monitors in each world.

Each participant is given a unique, secured login associated with their email address provided in the Doubleknot registration. Each Scout is required to turn in their Cyber Chip prior to participating in the virtual world. Each adult leader is required to turn in their YPT Certificate prior to participating in the virtual world.

Each participant will be given a Rules and Regulations booklet created by our Virtual World Designers. It is crucial that all participants follow the Rules and Regulations when interacting in the world to ensure the Scouting values are being followed, to see that all participants are treated with respect throughout the week, and to verify the platform is being utilized appropriately.

Mozilla Hubs supports all platforms, allowing participants to sign up on a phone, tablet, laptop, computer, or VR headset.