Welcome to TRICΔMP!

Thank you for choosing TRICΔMP for your 2020 virtual summer camp experience, known as so much more than just a merit badge camp. Knowing good things happen in threes, we have combined all three of our council camps and have developed three fundamental components to our program: Merit Badge Clusters, Social Interactions, and a Virtual World.

We offer this Leader and Participant Guide to help everyone truly understand the three main components of our summer and have a resource to reference throughout your whole experience from signing up, to participating in your week, until the after camp bookkeeping. Please read though this guide thoroughly and share it with your Parents and Scouts.

TRICΔMP will be utilizing Doubleknot for camp registrations. Troops and individuals will select their preferred week and choose the appropriate program for each of their Scouts through this system. Activities are geared towards the troop level, so we recommend signing up as a unit, but Provisional Scouts are more than welcome to join the fun.

There will be a Provisional Troop for each week that will allow Scouts to sign up individually if their own Troop has decided not to participate. In this case, Provisional Scouts will be assigned a Virtual Summer Camp Scoutmaster to conduct Troop Activities, Evening Reflections, and act as a moderator in the virtual world.

All Scouts will be expected to complete the “BSA Cyber Chip” for their grade level prior to Sunday start date of camp, and all BSA Online Youth Protection policies will be strictly adhered to. The WLACC takes the safety and security of everyone seriously and will do everything possible to provide a positive online learning environment.

It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to experience this virtual camp in the outdoors as much as possible. To help orchestrate this, each Scout will receive a Hiking Guide and an Activity Guide that will get Scouts outdoors. If your local regulations allow and you can do so safely, we want everyone to camp outside the entire week! Get your Troop together for the week, camp in your backyard, get out, get active, and keep the adventure of Scouting at the forefront of your week!